Insight cards 

An important element during this design project was the use of insight cards. These insight cards were used to structure focus group sessions and various other aspects of my graduation project. The insight cards proved to be an important communication tool.



The design of Palette is  based on the metaphor of a painting palette. This metaphor signifies the more creative teaching style that Palette supports.

Working prototype

Above we see the working (rapid) prototype, which was the end result for this project. It was tested in practice with the user group.

Field research

During this project I visited classrooms several times. Contact with users and building an understanding of the usergroup was an essential element for the success of this design assignment.

Wacom Palette


Year: 2011
Project duration: 7 months

Palette was created during my graduation project at Delft University of Technology. Wacom wanted to explore the possibilities in the educational market and they asked me to investigate the oportunities regarding to technologies: Wacom's pen technology and pressure sensitive reflective LCD technology.
Palette was the result of this user centered design project. Together with teachers this concept was defined and explored. As a end result I was able to produce a working prototype which could be tested in the field. Palette extends the use of the interactive white board and projects its use into the classroom. This allows teachers to integrate the class during group explanations and the interactive white board can be shared much easier.

With this project I earned my masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering.